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How I started KATA Coffee Roasters

Here's a brief summary of how someone with over 20 years experience in the coffee game, finally managed to bite the bullet and set up their own business.

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A Rough Guide to Coffee Origins & Flavour Profiles

This is a brief intro guide to the general flavour characteristics of some of the key coffee growing regions. This rough guide will hopefully help you choose the type of coffee that you like best.

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Coffee & Camping

A wee piece on the joys of coffee and camping and what you need to get that perfect brew no matter where you are.

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How is Coffee Decaffeinated and Does it taste any good?

My best attempt at a simple explanation at the two main processes commercially used to remove caffeine from coffee

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First things first - the coffee tastes great ! – Pete and his team have all been
great to work with and we have been delighted with the look and quality of our
own label coffee, as are our customers 

Allan Boyd MD Loud & Clear Glasgow